Wednesday, March 17

Finish Well!

Goodness. It’s been so long since I’ve posted a blog! A lot has happened since January 24th, but I think I’ll just stick to what’s happening right now. Today has been a rough day. Today was the funeral for a man who was literally like a grandpa to me. He was the sweetest man alive, and I respected him so much. It still hasn’t completely hit me that he’s gone, though. I think the next time I go to church and he’s not there to open the door for me and give me a huge hug, it will hit me. But I’m happy and excited for him! How awesome is it that he’s in heaven right now?! I can’t imagine what it’ll be like!

I’m going to a conference this weekend with my best friend, Lacy. I’m really excited for SO many reasons. First, I’m excited to get away from life and just be in God’s presence with my best friend and tons of other women. I think going to conferences and retreats is so important because it allows your mind to take a break from the struggles of life, and it allows you to learn and fellowship and just have fun! So I’m really pumped about that! I’m also excited to get to spend the weekend with my best friend. We’ve been friends for 6 years now, but we’ve become so much closer just within the last few months and I NEVER get to see her! We’re going to have a blast. ANOTHER reason I’m super thrilled about this conference is because Kari Jobe (my hero) is going to be there and I am absolutely determined to meet her! Serious. I want to meet her. So be praying for me! Not just that I’ll meet Kari Jobe (although that would be nice too), but also that I will be fed beyond measure and that I will learn new things and grow in new ways from this conference!

I just got back to school from Spring Break (besides my last minute trip back to OKC for the funeral), and I’m just really determined to finish this semester off well. My dad talked about that at the funeral today. Even though he was applying the principle to life in general, I think it applies in almost any situation. No matter what you’ve done or how you’ve been in the past, be determined to finish well. Whether it be in school or your life as a whole, God wants our best. Sometimes we mess up and don’t give Him our best, but that’s when grace comes in. He forgives and forgets, and pushes us to finish well. Take that challenge and run with it! Whatever situation you’re in right now, whatever struggles you’re dealing with, be encouraged to push through and finish well. (Thanks, Daddy, for sharing that awesome word today. You’re incredible!)

Well I know this was more of an update than anything else, but hopefully there will be more soon! Keep praying for the sunshine and heat! :D

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