Monday, December 27

Adorable Full House Scene

(conversation between two 6-7 year olds)
Stephanie: I wish I could move out, but I'm stuck living here until I get married.....unless YOU marry me!
Harry: Marry you?! I'm not even allowed to cross the street!
Steph: Married people are allowed...
Harry: Really? Okay, I'll marry you!
Steph: Harry, you have to propose. A girl waits her whole life for this moment. Get down on one knee.
Harry: I can see up your nose!
Steph: Harry! This is supposed to be romantic!
Harry: Sorry. I can see up your nose, darling.
Steph: Nevermind...we'll get married today. I'll call all our friends....I'll be Stephanie Tokiyama!
Harry: And I'll be Harry Tanner!

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