Tuesday, August 23

A Whole New Life...In Just 3 Months!

Well, my crazy, fun-filled, life changing summer has come to an end. Words cannot describe how incredible these last few months have been to me! I’m so thankful for every moment of Summer 2011. At the same time, it’s hard to believe that it’s already over. Just as I suspected, it zoomed past me, and to some degree, I feel like I didn’t do the best job keeping up. But either way, it was an unforgettable summer!

After the spring semester was over, I went home to Oklahoma for 6 weeks to prepare for my wedding. On June 18th, I became Mrs. Joshua Dryer! Joshua and I spent a week in Key West for our honeymoon (which was incredible!), then we spent one short week in our new apartment together before going to kids camp. After three weeks of kids camp, we were home for two weeks, and then we left for Zambia, Africa! We spent 10 days on that trip and since we’ve been back, I’ve had exactly one week to prepare for school! Tomorrow starts my junior year of college, and to be honest, I am amazed. Time has flown by so quickly; it’s just hard to believe that it’s already here. BUT! I am very excited to start school again and get back into a routine after this crazy summer! :)

Thank you to everyone who shared my big moments with me! One of the things I love the most about this summer is that I made so many memories with so many people! Happy End-Of-Summer, everyone! :D

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