Sunday, July 1

Handmade Eye Mask

Just wanted to share a quick post to show my latest sewing adventure! Since I've been getting migraines lately, I've been dying for an eye mask to wear when I can't bear to see any light. I keep forgetting to buy one when I'm out, so why not make one for free?!

This project was SO easy. Anyone could do it. It just took some fabric, fusible fleece (you could use any Kind of filling - felt, rice, flax seed and lavender, etc.), and elastic! For my elastic, I used one of my headbands that I never wear (because they never stay on my head). So it was fun to use stuff around the house to make this eye mask!

I didn't get to topstitch, so it doesn't look as clean cut and professional as I'd like. My sewing machine is borderline broken (OH NO!!!), so I was only able to get this far. But hopefully I can get my machine checked out and fixed soon. It's been KILLING me not to be able to sew! I probably shouldn't have used the machine today, but I just had to try this project.

Anyhow! There it is! I'm really excited about it. Hopefully I won't have to use the eye mask for a migraine anytime soon. I'll just use it for my afternoon naps that summer so graciously gives me. :)

Hope you're having a great Sunday!! Happy July!


P.S. In case you were wondering, it's incredibly difficult to take a picture of yourself while wearing an eye mask. It took about 50 tries to get a decent picture. I felt like a dork. Oh, well...

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  1. LOVE an eye mask! Sleep with one every night. You have inspired me to make my own! Thank you! (Sorry for totally comment creeping your blog.... Can you tell I am in love??)