Friday, August 24

Is this real life??? | Crossbody Tote

Oh. My. Word. I feel so accomplished right now! I'm probably being a little more dramatic than necessary, but I just can't contain my excitement! 

Yesterday, a friend from church asked me if I make purses. No joke, when I read her question, I laughed out loud and said to myself, "That is WAY out of my league." Well, she showed me what she wanted, and said if I made her one, I'd be her best friend. I can't turn down a deal like that!! ;)

So this morning, I went to the store to get some supplies, came home, and got to makin'. I was honestly praying the whole time because sometimes I have this great picture in my head of what the end result will be, and then the reality is way off. But I really wanted this to turn out well because I knew that it would be a big milestone for me and that I could do so much with it if I could get the hang of it! Three hours, three sermons on audio, a Dr. Pepper, and a PB&J later, I'm FINISHED! And oh, so happy! I could not be more pleased with the way it turned out! It obviously isn't perfect, but for my first time...I'll take it!
(You can click on the images to make them a little bigger.)


Excuse my lame-o mirror picture. I don't have anyone to take a picture wearing it, so I had to be my own model.
Oh, and did anyone notice my mace? Don't leave home without it, ladies! :)

The outer shell is duck cloth (like canvas), and the lining is calico cotton. It's about 13 inches tall with a 38inch strap which is connected by D-rings to give it a little more length. It has two pockets on the inside.

Even though my stuff is in the purse, I'm not really keeping it. I'm selling it!
It's $20 + shipping (if applicable). Let me know if you're interested in buying it! (And you may want to let me know quickly because sometimes my stuff goes fast....And sometimes it doesnt!)
As much as I'd love to take orders for these purses, I have school starting in less than a week, and I don't want to swamp myself with more than I can handle. But I will definitely be making more of these in different patterns, shapes, and sizes, and I'll sell them as I go!
Thanks for sharing my excitement with me! This has been one of my favorite sewing adventures so far!

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