Wednesday, October 23


I had some friends come to visit last week, and naturally, we took a trip to the beach. I was sitting right at the edge of the water just watching it roll in and out, in and out. I noticed something I had never noticed before.
I always thought that the water flowed up onto shore and then fell back into the ocean, and then repeated that cycle over and over again. But I realized last week that I was wrong. If you watch closely, you see that there is a constant movement of water in both directions. There is constantly water flowing in, and constantly water flowing out. Because before one wave can finish it's "cycle," another one comes in right behind it. (Have I lost you yet?)

I know...I probably sound like a nut right now. You're all thinking, "Duh. Where have you been all your life?" Well...that's a good question hear me out.

While I was sitting there, engulfed in my amazement at this new realization, I felt a little tug at my heart. I thought uuuuh, God? what are you trying to tell me here? Yes, this is cool, and yes, I know I can make a sermon out of anything, but you've kinda got me stumped here. So I sat and watched some more. And a little more. Aaaaand a few minutes more.

And then it hit me.
This constant flow of in and out.
Something always coming in, something always going out.
AH-HA! This is how our lives should work.

I recently read an incredible book by Courtney Joseph called Women Living Well. (If you haven't yet read this book, add it to your list. Better yet, go buy it right now. It immediately became one of my favorite books and a book that I know I will read many times over in my lifetime.) In her book, Courtney says something so simple, yet so challenging. She says, "We need to give God's Word quantity and quality time so it can be active in our lives."

That's it.
We've got to have God's Word comin' in so we can send it out.
We've got to soak up God's Word so we can use it to reach people.
It's got to be a two-way street. A very busy two-way street, that is.
Is this making sense? I hope so.

And let me say this, too. There is nothing that could ever replace God's Word in our lives. We should be meditating on scripture every single day. However, we live in a world FULL of resources! Books, devotions, Bible studies and Bible reading plans, blogs, positive social media. There is so much out there that has the potential to change your heart, spur you on in your walk, encourage you, provide insight and wisdom into your circumstances. 
  • Take the initiative to pick up a book and read it. 
  • Start following Jesus-hearted men and women on Twitter and Facebook who are going to speak life instead of that other crap stuff you scroll through every day. 
  • Head over to YouVersion and find a good reading plan to follow. (I highly recommend SheReadsTruth for you ladies.)
  • Find a devotional that fits your lifestyle and stage of life that will prompt you to be in God's word daily. (My favorite is Jesus Calling. Get the book or the app.)
The bottom line is this: If you're not stocking up your spiritual pantry with the Bread of Life, what will you have to feed your family, your friends, the barista at Starbucks who needs to meet Jesus?

There will constantly be a need, a time, a place for you to share God's love and God's Word with the people around you. You need to constantly fill up so you have it to share.

Get it? Got it? Good. :)

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