Sunday, June 20


Well, thanks to Jared Kennedy (Joshua’s “brother”/best friend), I now know how Joshua officially declared me as his “new prospect” 2 years ago. Jared commented on a picture of Joshua and I with this “Flashback” and it cracked me up, so I just had to share it with everyone (who wants to read). So this is the comment he posted:


Josh- ” Bro hop in, i gotta show you my new prospect”

( while flying in golf cart approaching the courts)

Josh - thats her underneath the tree

(still flying while passing by high five football court)

josh- ..eeeeeeyyyyyy (blows whistle) eeeeeyyyy ( blows whistle)

(lindsay standing underneath shade tree by high five court waves with awkward look of “camp people are weird “)

josh- “bro, tell me shes not absolutely beautiful “

me - absolutely gorgeous bro, go for her …( in my mind…..”dude ,never gonna happen, out of your league “

josh - she’s the one

me - she could be…..(in my mind….ya right, youll flirt for two days and then back to reality, SINGLE PARENT FAMILY CAMP!!)


Bro im happy to say…… my mind was wrong……picture says it all!

Haha…love it. I’m glad Jared was wrong, too! Joshua is the cutest, sweetest, funniest guy alive, and I’m blessed to have him in my life! 

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