Monday, June 28

Without Limits

I hope this speaks to you. I hope it catches your attention like it did mine. I hope you learn something new, or relearn something you may have forgotten (because it’s so easy to do). I hope you feel God’s love surround you as you read each word and each sentence. 

“Get a glimpse of God’s true nature. He can’t do wrong by you. Regardless of who or how many have left you, neglected you, or hurt you, you’ll never have to count God as one of those people. It’s not just that He won’t. He can’t. His very nature makes it impossible. So rest assured: you can’t wear out your welcome. You can’t do anything good enough to make Him love you any more than He already does, nor can you do anything bad enough to make Him love you any less. God is unchangeable, forever committed to His love relationship with you. Only He is capable of loving you without any limits whatsoever, and only He is deserving of your limitless love in return.”

Shannon Ethridge in “Completely His”

Sadly, I haven’t made the time to read lately. I’m not going to say I haven’t had the time, because I probably have. I’m just really bad at choosing to read. But tonight I chose to read, and immediately I felt God showing me something that He knew I needed to see at this very moment. Get this: I started this book several weeks ago, but stopped reading it in the middle of a chapter. Tonight when I picked it up, I tried to skim over the last few pages to jog my memory about what I last read, but nothing looked familiar. Nothing was ringing a bell. So finally I gave up on that and decided to start at the beginning of the chapter. I didn’t even reach the second page of the chapter before I knew that God had that whole thing planned out. He wanted me to start over so I could reread a certain paragraph. You can’t tell me He doesn’t care about the little things. He never ceases to amaze me with his timing. Just goes to show He literally knows every detail in our lives, including the day and time I would need to read a specific paragraph of a specific book. Wow. God is truly, truly awesome.

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