Sunday, August 29

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Have you ever seen something really intriguing and then 5 minutes later you catch yourself and realize you’ve been staring at it the whole time? Sometimes you feel kind of dumb or embarrassed. You begin looking around to see if anyone noticed you leaving Earth and zoning out into your own world. Or if it’s a person you were staring at, you immediately hear your mother’s voice in the back of your mind saying, “Don’t stare! It’s rude!”

I kind of feel that way today. Minus the embarrassment. This time it’s a good “stare.” Today I got back to my dorm after church, and I sat down on the couch to read my Bible and do my devotion. As soon as I picked up my Bible, I realized how intrigued I’ve been with God lately. It’s like I’ve drawn so close to Him that I don’t even realize where I’m at. I’ve been fasting for about 25 days now, and since Day 1, I’ve felt myself growing closer and closer to God. It has been the most amazing time of my life! I was talking to a friend last night, and I told her, “I’ve never felt so different from myself than I do now. But at the same time, I feel more like myself than I think I ever have before.” It’s like I’ve changed so much, but I’m changing into the Lindsay that I was always meant to be. God is stripping away the things I don’t need. He’s stripping away the pieces that I’ve added to myself here and there that He never intended for me to add. He’s taking me back to the person He created in the beginning. (That’s a whole other blog waiting to happen!) 

I have been so wrapped up in God’s love and mercy. I truly crave more of Him every single day. As soon as I finish my devotions for the day, I start looking forward to the next day’s devotion. Usually I can’t even wait that long, and I just dive back into the Bible to read more about God. Last night I sat down to do homework and I ended up reading the Bible until I realized I needed to get to bed. It’s just like I can’t get enough of God’s word. I’m constantly wondering what else He has to say to me, what else I can learn about Him, and what else I can learn to apply to my everyday life to become more like Him.

Am I saying this to boast about how many chapters of the Bible I read everyday or how many minutes I spend in my devotion time? Not at all. I’m saying it to encourage you and to show you how exciting life really is when you give God your time. If you could just zone out of this world for a few minutes and focus solely on God, praying, listening, and studying His word, He will teach you and bless you beyond measure. You will never be the same. 

The really cool thing is this: God is always there. Always, always, always, always, always. He’s there, ready and waiting for us to come to Him and seek Him. All He wants is our time. When we give Him time, He gives us more than we could ever imagine. Wisdom and knowledge, peace and understanding, comfort and happiness, He has it all. He wants to bless us. He wants to pour out His love over us. All we have to do is take time to meet with Him. Nothing is or ever will be more important.

“As a deer thirsts for streams of water, so I thirst for you, God.” Psalm 42:1

“Take delight in the LORD, and He will give you your heart’s desires.” Psalm 37:4 

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