Tuesday, January 3

Going on an Adventure

That’s right. I’m going on an adventure. Not like an outdoorsy, hiking, camping out adventure, though. Because I’m really not into all that jazz. My adventure is a sewing adventure! Since Pinterest came into my life (Is every post on my blog gonna contain the word “Pinterest?”…probably), I’ve had a desire to do more do-it-yourself things, including sewing. I even have a board on my Pinterest titled, “sewing adventures” which contains tons of things I dream to sew someday when I get a sewing machine and develop my sewing skills. :)
(You can find that here: http://pinterest.com/lindsayladon/sewing-adventures/)

I even found a sewing machine I want! I decided I want a Singer because that’s what my mom’s is (and I’m corny like that). Isn’t it pretty??


This one has a ton of awesome features and comes with lots of cool things. When I get it, I’ll need to hire a sewing tutor to teach me all about it! My mom taught me the basics while I was home for Christmas, and I felt like I caught on pretty quickly! Hopefully this adventure will be a successful one!

I just wanted to share my excitement with someone because, well… I’m excited!! So here’s my question for all of you who sew, or at least know how to sew: when did you learn? Who taught you? Do you still use the skills today? If so, how?

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