Tuesday, January 3

Another Pinterest project checked off the list! Man, I love Pinterest!

I loved this idea the first time I saw it a few months ago. I don’t know why it took me so long to do it because it’s super simple! I have a surplus of green frames to match our green and brown room. I originally bought them for wedding pictures, but I have yet to have them developed. (Bad newlywed!) But this frame was perfect for the project. I just grabbed a piece of scrapbook paper, put some stick-on letters on it, and stuck it in the frame! Now we can use a dry-erase marker to write reasons we love each other! Precious, right? Okay, I’ll stop the mushy gushy so you can stop gagging. :)

Today is Joshua’s first day back in school since last Spring. He’s going to CBC to do degree completion. So I found it fitting to remind him tonight when he gets home from class that he’s a genius! (Except he’ll probably see it on this post before he sees it in real life…oh well.) I’m so proud of him for being dedicated to finishing his degree even when he has a full time job. He’s the best!

Aaaaaaaanyway (if you’ve ever seen My Wife and Kids, that should make you laugh), I’m off to unpack and clean! And possibly eat cookies and watch Netflix, but you never know. Have a great day!! :)

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