Tuesday, January 24

Sewing Adventure: Wristlet

I’d love for you to read this post and give me your feedback! I’m thinking this wristlet could have potential to be my next “for sale” item, but I want to know what you think!! 

This is the project that kept me up late last night. But I believe it was totally worth it. Hubs on the other hand…he wasn’t too happy about me coming to bed at midnight (yes, we’re like old people). Oops! Anyway, I found this wristlet on Pinterest last night, and thought I’d give it a try. At this point, I’m willing to try just about anything for practice! I think it turned out pretty well!

I’m going to make another one tonight because there are a few things I want to do differently. I kinda messed up the zipper a little bit, and I’d like the strap to be shorter and a little “crooked,” not sticking straight out. It kinda makes the wristlet look like Oklahoma. Haha! The tutorial was a little hard to understand, and the author didn’t do the best job of explaining all the steps, so I got confused a few times. All in all, it’s a super simple pattern! Now that I’ve done it once, I want to try again to make it even better! 

I think it’s a great size for a cell phone, chapstick, credit cards, cash, and whatever else you like to carry around!

So tell me…would YOU buy one???

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