Tuesday, February 7

Looking ahead...

I have exciting things coming up for you all! I want to share a few of my thoughts with you and see what you think! 

During the Super Bowl, I did a wristlet giveaway and asked for people to leave a comment saying what they think I should make and sell. I had several girls suggest laptop/ipad/kindle sleeves! I’ve also had a few people ask about the fabric envelopes I made back in December. (Those would most likely be sold in sets of 3 or 6.) AND! I’ve had a couple people ask me about camera strap covers! How fun is that?!

So let me know if any of those interest you! I won’t be taking any orders yet. Just checking to see how many people would be interested in each item. What would you buy???

Well, I’m off to get ready for school! Have a happy Tuesday!!

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