Sunday, August 12

Marriage & Ministry: A Quick Thought

Here I am…post-Sunday morning services, and I have a thought on my mind (other than the one about taking a nap). Although its a quick thought, it won’t fit in a tweet, so I figured I’d share it here instead.

Before you read ahead, know that nothing bad happened between me and Joshua today. I simply caught myself being short with him because we had a few crazy moments, which caused me to think about this: Doing ministry with your spouse can be frustrating and taxing at times. I’m speaking from a year (plus some) of experience AND a lifetime of watching my parents. Even though we’re doing “the Lord’s work,” it’s not all sunshine and daisies. BUT! You can’t ever lose sight of the amazing call God has placed on your marriage. God went before each of you and equipped you for a life of ministry…together! What a blessing it is to be able to serve side-by-side with your spouse!

Obviously, I’m ‘young and dumb,’ as some would say, and I embrace that to some extent. I know I’ve only been in this for a short time so far and have LOTS to learn, and that makes me really excited. I love to learn. But I also know that the enemy will use whatever he can to drive a wedge between husband and wife AND to stop the work of the church. So being in ministry with your spouse is like a double whammy for the enemy. It’s important that we grab hands with our other half, keep our eyes focused on the big picture, let those petty, annoying, frustrating situations pass right on by, and keep sharing the love of God together!

Now go take your Sunday nap! :)

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