Monday, September 17

stressful monday turned great.

I just had to share really quick because I'm so amazed by God tonight.

This morning I woke up feeling awful. I ended up missing my first class of the day because I felt so bad. On top of that, I had a giant list of things to do today. Homework to finish, sewing orders to complete, a housekeeping job, cleaning my own house...I was overwhelmed. But I decided I wouldn't start on a single thing before I spent time just seeking the Lord.

I have to be honest. I was a little hesitant because I knew it would take time out of my already busy day. But I did my best to ignore those selfish thoughts and opened my Bible. I just began reading through Psalms and Proverbs (I read one chapter of each every day) and then on to Matthew (part of my NT in 90 days plan). Then I wrote in my journal and prayed for a while. Then I decided to write a blog post that the Lord put on my heart last night.

When I finished, I looked up and realized I had spent almost two hours doing all of that! I was slightly stressed out and thinking, "I wasted so much time!" But then I felt the Lord speak to me, "I'll multiply your time back to you when you give your first and best to me." I decided to trust Him and get busy with my day!

I immediately started cleaning and sewing and doing my homework. The day flew by, and when it was time to leave for my night class, I still had a few things I didn't get to finish. I was disappointed, but I knew I set my goal for the day a little high, so I let it go. As I was sitting in class, I kept thinking, "Man, I'd love to go home and just read my Bible for a while, but I don't have time for that, and I'll be so tired." THEN! I got out of class almost an hour early! I was able to come home and knock the last few things of my to-do list (with a random burst of energy), clean up the kitchen from dinner, and now I'm in bed before 10 o'clock, ready to spend a few more minutes in the Word before I go to sleep!

This speaks so many things to me.
#1: God KNOWS and CARES about our lives.
#2: When we give Him our best, He gives us His. He takes care of us and gives us His favor.

I'm so cheery and thankful tonight. God sure knows how to put a smile on my face. :)

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