Wednesday, September 26

Sweater Repurpose

Scenario: I'm browsing through my closet and run across this gorgeous dress my mom bought me a couple months ago that I've never worn. Why? Because I don't have anything to wear with it. It needs a cardigan or a denim jacket or SOMETHING! So I put the dress on and start trying on every cardigan and jacket I own. All of them look hideous. THEN! I run across this mustard sweater and think, "Man! If only this was a cardigan!" 

And then I think, "Wait! I pinned something on Pinterest one time about repurposing a sweater into a cardigan! I wonder if I could do it!" 
So I went and found this pin, and got to work!

And less than 15 minutes later, I have a new cardigan!!
(Excuse my lame-o mirror shot.)

I considered adding buttons, but it was more work than I feel like doing today. I'm a bit under the weather today. But maybe I will later! 
I'm just excited that I got a new cardigan out of the deal without spending a dime! How fun! :)

Well, I hope you have a great evening! Anyone got anything exciting on the agenda??



  1. Too cute sister! Now I know that you can do all the cute things I'm finding on Pinterest for baby #2! :-)