Friday, October 26


Aaaaah. Friday, I welcome you with open arms. You've treated me nicely so far, and for that, I am thankful. It's been quite a productive day. I finished a project (after much's the senioritis acting up again), and put like 4 loads of laundry away. Now I'm trying to hold my eyes open as not to pass out for the rest of the day and ruin my productive streak. I've been fighting a sore throat all week, and I think it's finally starting to kick my butt. And you know the worst part about it? I'm trying to sing along with Adele ('cause, you know, I sound just like her) and only every other note is coming out. Yeah, it's a rough life.

Anywho, enough of all that nothingness. I've had something on my heart this week that I wanted to pass on to you. But first...two background stories. 

Story #1: Last Friday, Joshua and I got to meet an amazing couple who are missionaries overseas. We seriously became instant friends that night. (I could go into so much more detail, but I'll save it for later.) So, they were telling us all about their ministry and their plans for their next trip. They mentioned that their budget was much higher than their last budget (which means they have to raise a lot more money before they can leave). But I will never forget what the wife said that night. She said, "I was surprised by that number, but God wasn't surprised." A few days after, I kept being reminded of that sentence, but I wasn't sure why.

Story #2: I was surprised this week.

Isn't God funny? He just cracks me up. But aside from being hilarious, I love how detail-oriented He is. He knew that a few days down the road, something would totally catch me off guard and I would need to be reminded that nothing surprises Him.

Since surprises are...well, surprises, they tend to shock us and hit us when we least expect it. We're usually unprepared to handle them which usually means we don't handle them very well. (What I'm about to say isn't suggesting that I'm perfect or anywhere near it. Just that I have a perfect God.) But this time, although I was undoubtedly caught off guard, I was instantly, and I mean INSTANTLY, reminded of what my new friend said a few nights before. I knew right away that even though I was surprised, God wasn't. And because of that, I was able to deal with the surprise much better than I expected.

I just find that characteristic of God so incredible. It makes me so thankful and so at peace. It's so much easier to deal with a surprise when you know God knew about it all along. And even easier when you know He's taking care of you. 

I just want to encourage you in this today. 
Whatever it is that surprised you recently...
Whatever it is that has totally caught you off guard...
Whatever it is that you're not handling very well today...

It didn't surprise God. He was ready, and He always will be. He's taking care of you, and He always will.


Yet I still belong to you; you hold my right hand. | Psalm 73:23

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