Monday, October 22

((market monday))

I thought I'd start Market Monday so I can share with you products catching my eye in the 'market.' It can be anything from clothing to hair products to books to nail polish to...CANDY! I mean, you just never know what could pop up and make your Monday a little brighter. 

You're welcome. :)


I'm not much of a fashionista. I don't claim to have any style at all, really. I mostly just wear what's comfortable. But I've had my eye on a few items in the last couple weeks, so I thought I'd share them with ya. Some of them are a little more realistic to dream about than others (if you don't know what I mean, check out the price of that gor-juh-mous Coach bag). But a girl can dream, right?
Oct. 22 MMH

American Eagle Outfitters jean jacket / Coach leather handbag / Gathering Eye printed scarve, $31

I'm really into all this aztec stuff I've seen around. It's something fun and different for a change! What's caught your eye this fall season? 

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