Monday, November 5


I honestly don't think a weekday goes by these days without me thinking, "It would be so much easier to quit."

And would. I wouldn't have to do homework. I wouldn't have to write lesson plans. I wouldn't have to drive around Missouri like a maniac every day trying to make it to class and practicums. I wouldn't have to stress over tests and grades. It would just be a lot simpler.

But obviously, I'm not going to quit. What would that get me? No degree, no job, 4 years of school down the drain....I don't think so. It' just the senioritis in me acting up. I'm so close to the finish line that I just want to be there already. But I can't give up now.

What "-itis" has got you thinking about quitting? Workitis? Stressitis? Or how about just Life-itis? Haha. Well, don't let it get you down. Keep pushing through and focus on the finish line. God doesn't ask us to do things we can't do without his help. Lean a little heavier on God today, and don't give up!

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