Friday, November 9

friday freedom

Today has been quite fabulous. Even though I have Fridays off from school, I usually have something to do on Fridays. But today...nothing I needed to do required me leaving the house! **cue the angels singing**

So today has been full of housekeeping (if you know me, you know I love to clean), paper writing (not my favorite, but it'll do), Pinterest surfing, tv watching, and BAKING!! I love to bake. I'm not the best at it, and I usually mess things up, but I still love it.

My Hubs is across the pond in London for a little vacation, so I'm having my two favorite Missouri girlfriends over for a sleepover tomorrow night! It's two-fold for me because I get to have a fun night AND it's one less night I have to sleep alone. I'm a big baby. So I wanted to make some cookies for us to snack on tomorrow.

I still haven't found a chocolate chip cookie recipe that I love, so every time I make them, I try a new recipe. I ran across this one last night and thought I'd give it a whirl. The blogger gives lots of interesting tips, some of which I had never heard before. One thing that's different about this recipe is that it calls for kosher salt (I used sea salt because I didn't have kosher), and it calls for a little sprinkle of salt before you pop 'em in the oven. I'm excited to see how that tastes! I will say...I tasted some of the dough before I washed the dishes (quit acting like you don't do it too), and it tasted REALLY good. I'll let you know how they taste after they're actually baked. :)
i also whipped up some pizza bites for the fun of it! They're lookin' pretty tasty!

For dinner tomorrow, I'm making my mom's famous chicken enchiladas. It was always my favorite home-cooked meal, and when I got married, it became my favorite meal to make! They are seriously life changing. Even a mexican restaurant couldn't beat 'em. Maybe I'll post the recipe soon. It's no secret. I like to share the love around here. :)

Well, I better go study the periodic table of elements. How many days until graduation???

Happy Friday!!

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