Thursday, February 21

heart check.

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I've always loved writing, and I started blogging a while back, but never really kept up with it. Lately I've been thinking about how I really think God can use me through my writing, so I decided to pick it back up and attempt to stay on top of it. Between starting/continuing a blog, Pinterest, Twitter, and Etsy, I've set my eyes on a lot of wonderful blogs. I've recently become slightly obsessed with reading blogs. Blogs can be inspiring, funny, informative, and so much more. I just enjoy reading about other people's lives, being inspired by projects, fashion, etc., and being encouraged by what other people learn through their walks with the Lord. And I love the idea of becoming a part of that community. 

But I ran across this blog post today and felt so convicted to check my heart.
Here's the bottom line: people are getting huge followings through blogging. People are making a lot of money blogging. It's reeeeally tempting to try to be like everyone else in an attempt to get what everyone else has. It's tempting to have shallow goals (like Amanda mentioned her post). 

Of course, I would love for a lot of people to read my blog. Who wouldn't? It would be super awesome to make a living by writing and inspiring other people through blogging. But that's not the heart of my blog. God puts things on my heart to share with my readers whether there are 3 or 300. God didn't create me to be a copy of someone else or to live in someone else's shadows. My life has a purpose of its own, and my blog has a purpose of its own. 

I'm just excited to see how God uses me and my blog!

Do you have shallow goals in a certain area of your life? Don't hesitate to do a heart check and ask God to share HIS heart with you.



  1. I know just how you feel, and I'm doing that same heart check today <3

    1. Thanks for being willing to share that, Rachel!

  2. Amanda's post spoke to me too. I started a new relationship with my new blog in December. In this new blog, I am not going to worry about numbers...just enjoy the ride and see where He takes it. After all, it is in His hands:)
    Great post

    1. You're exactly right! I love your blog! :)

  3. Thank you so much for linking up with Desire to Inspire! I totally understand your struggle - it's one I experience daily! Balancing the importance of numbers + the the knowledge that God's doesn't even need my numbers is a delicate balance for sure.

    Great to meet you!