Monday, February 18

lindsayladon: new & improved

I'm super excited to show you guys my blog's new look! 

My gorgeous new logo is from Fresh Lavender Designs. I'm slightly obsessed with it. :)

Everything else you see on the ol' blog was created by yours truly! (All of you graphic design, computer nerd people...don't judge. I'm a beginner.) I'd like to publicly thank PicMonkey, Photobucket, and Google for all the assistance in creating my cute banners and buttons and helping me make it all look pretty.

Want to stay updated with lindsayladon?
You can follow my blog by email (scroll down and enter your email address on the left) or by my personal favorite, Bloglovin. Bloglovin is an awesome website that allows you to follow all of your favorite blogs and see the latests posts from each of them all on one page! I highly recommend it (and they aren't payin' me to say that!). Scroll down a little, and you'll the the little blue and white box on the left.

I'm excited about the future of my blog, and hope you'll stay on board for the ride! 

thanks for stoppin by, yall!

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