Monday, March 4

((weekend recap)) building + baking

This weekend was one for the books. Not because I went on some exotic vacation or because I crossed something off my bucket list. Simply because I made sweet memories with my husband.

Last Sunday, when Hubs was teaching the Bible lesson, he asked the kids if they ever build forts in the living room. He mentioned that he used to do it as a kid and always loved it. That planted a little seed in my mind, so I planned a date night in for Friday night. And guess what we did...

We made a fort!

It was so much fun seeing the inner child come out of Hubs. I figured we could just pull some dining room chairs into the living room and throw a blanket over them, but he had a much bigger idea. He moved both couches to the middle of the room and built a pretty sweet fort!

We got all snuggled up inside and watched a movie on Netflix. 
The Pianist to be exact. Man, it was a heavy movie, very hard to wrap your mind around. But incredibly eye opening. I recommend it for adults, specifically those with strong stomachs. It was a little graphic.

As you can see, Penny Girl was lovin' the fort.

I also decided to make Hubs some snickerdoodles. They're kinda my "claim to fame" and about the only good thing I can make in the kitchen. BUT. Naturally, in an attempt to open the cinnamon sugar shaker, I dropped it in the sink and dumped out the last of our cinnamon (epic fail), so chocolate chip cookies it was.

And then they turned out like this...


I'm not kidding when I say the kitchen is not my place.
But, to my surprise...they actually tasted pretty good.
'twas a sweet night.

Then, on Saturday, we did a lot of relaxing (which was wonderful), and I did some sewing.
click here to see more on this cute apron!

And then Hubs made some incredible homemade sopapillas.

You see, we're from Oklahoma where the mexican food is to die for. It's just not the same here in the Ozarks. And you know what? You have to PAY for your sopapillas here! It's just not right.

So it was nice to have a real sopapilla like we're used to.

I slathered that puppy with butter, dumped cinnamon sugar on there, and poured on the honey. It was delicious.

He never ceases to amaze me with his culinary skills.

Anyway, I'm thankful for this weekend. I'm learning to cherish the season I'm in instead of wishing for a new one. My heart is anxious for change and new things, but I don't want to take for granted all the sweet moments taking place in the right now

Someday I'll be sitting in a house full of screaming kids and think back to this season. May I keep these memories forever for those moments when I need a little reminder of what it was like to have Friday night dates building forts and baking cookies.

What are you cherishing in your current season of life?



  1. i love your mixer. i haven't seen a yellow one before. that is too cute. and homemade sopapillas! uhhh yum i bet they were amazing!

  2. oh my goodness - what a great "date night in" idea! I think I'll try to pull it off...maybe not with The Pianist, but hmmm...cookies and The Notebook!
    Thanks for the great idea - hubby is going to love it!

  3. such an awesome fort! and i think you should share that sopapilla recipe! those look yummy.