Wednesday, April 10

a moment

This blog is about my journey. With a journey comes a lot of emotion.
I usually try to refrain from writing out of raw emotion. When I walk through a situation or a season of my journey, I like to allow time for my heart to settle and my mind to slow down before I start writing. But today, I'm breaking my rule. In this season of life, I'm realizing how exciting my journey is and how important it is for me to cherish every moment. So for that reason, I want to document this moment.

As I type this blog post, my heart is sad.
I'm disappointed, discouraged, and confused.
I'm feeling a lot of different things from anger to inadequacy, 
from weakness to heartache.

But you know what's so cool about a journey?
You learn, you experience, you understand new things.
You grow.

This isn't the first time I've felt any of these emotions. 
(And it definitely won't be the last.)
But I can honestly say that this is the first time
I have felt these emotions and been okay with them.

You see, I've learned the hard way that God's plans are 
so much bigger and better than my own.
I've also learned that God has a real purpose for my life. Knowing those truths and holding on to God's promises makes walking through this storm so much easier.

My cousin shared these words today, and they seriously blessed me.
"...sometimes God makes us uncomfortable in order to move us into the plan He has for us. What I thought was devastation God intended for good. I was confident His plan was in the works all along even in the midst of a surprise storm...God is always in control and He always has a plan. His timing is perfect so be patient and you will see it all come to fruition. Don't lose heart! Keep the faith!"

God knew my heart needed those words. And today I'm feeling so encouraged and so confident in the Lord's plans because I know they're much better than my own. I'm thankful for a God who's got it all under control, especially when we don't.

My situation seems so trivial and insignificant in comparison to some of the things other people face. But I believe that, regardless of how big or small, it's certainly something we can all learn from. If this encourages one person, my mission will be accomplished. I hope those of you walking through a storm will take these words to heart and hold on to the promises.

((these lyrics bless me))



  1. Aww don't worry. I know how you feel. My mom often tells me that "everything has an end." the storm will pass and your life will shine so bright like a morning sunrise. Just know that whatever you go through, bad or good, offer it to God and He will bless you. **hugs

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