Monday, April 15

worth it all

((background story)) 
This week I received some disappointing news that I don't get to graduate this semester. I was supposed to graduate on May 3rd and do my student teaching in the fall to finish up my degree, but since my husband and I took the job in Florida, those plans kinda fell through. Long story short, I applied to do my student teaching out of state, and my school didn't approve it. 

To say I'm devastated would be an understatement. I've been planning on this and working hard for this for four years now, and it's been pulled out from under me. It may seem like an insignificant and silly reason to be so upset, but my heart really is sad. Not only am I sad that I don't get to walk across the stage on May 3rd, but I'm frustrated because it will most likely take much longer for me to graduate now that I have to transfer. So it's just been a bit of a rough week.

Yesterday, I was explaining to some friends this situation and talking about how frustrating it is, and I was asked a question that actually caught me off guard. A friend of mine asked, 
"Is it worth it?"
I knew what she meant, and I know her heart behind it, but her question definitely made me think. I can honestly say that that question has never crossed my mind, and I'm so glad.

You see, when you know you're in the center of God's will, every trial and heartache is worth it. 
When you're following God's lead, you know he's got it under control. You know he knows the whole story. You know he has a purpose.
((and aren't ya thankful?))

That question gave me a brand new perspective. I'm seeing the situation in a whole new light. It doesn't make it less disappointing on this side of things, but I'm finding peace in the moment. I would much rather spend an extra year, even the rest of my life, in school if it means I'm doing what God has called me to do. Because here's the bottom line: I can't do it without God. I need his favor, his grace, his wisdom, his peace. And if I'm walking away from him instead of behind him, I'm walking away from all of those things.

Yeah, life gets hard. We get disappointed. People let us down. Things don't go our way. Our feelings get hurt. Our hearts get broken. 
But it's worth it.
Don't you let the enemy tell you otherwise. Because God knows it all. He sees the big picture. When things aren't as easy as you'd like for them to be, remember that you have value and you have purpose. Remember that God likes to teach us lessons. Remember that it's worth it all.

This is a song that I've held close to my heart for many, many years. It's kinda old, and it probably doesn't sound like anything you've heard on the radio lately, but the lyrics are so sweet. Take a listen.



  1. Lindsay,
    I'm sorry for the bad news you received this week, but I love the outlook you've chosen to take on the situation! You could be angry and upset, but instead you are waiting to see what amazing things God has in store for you! Such a beautiful thing when we stop & think about it!
    Thank you for writing this post!

  2. I love how you wrote, "And if I'm walking away from him instead of behind him, I'm walking away from all of those things."

    I am so thankful that in times of disappointment and discouragement, God has placed sweet friends in my life to refresh my memory of what I already know.

    I, too, am sorry for your news. But God is all about finishing what He has begun. Take heart in that!

    P.S. I love Rita Springer! :)