Monday, November 4

Book Review: To Know You

Y'all. If you enjoy reading fiction, this is your book.
Holy moly, this story will grab your attention and not let go! I'm serious!

To Know You is all about Julia, a mom whose son is battling a serious medical condition and needs a new liver. Before Julia got married and began a family, she led a pretty rough life that yielded two daughters, both given up for adoption.
They are her only hope for saving her son's life since none of her family or friends have matching blood types or are eligible for organ donation. They always say, "The past is in the past. Leave it there," but for Julia, that isn't really an option if she wants to see her son live a long, healthy life. 

You will absolutely love following Julia on her journey. This is an incredible story of faith, redemption, determination, grace, love, and so much more! The book captures your heart and pulls you in. It's 100% interesting 100% of the time. It's a great mix of drama + suspense + love. I can't say enough about the book. Shannon Ethridge is an absolutely amazing writer. She's written several books, which any woman out there could benefit from reading. This is was my first time hearing of Kathryn Mackel, but I'm really excited to read more of her writing.

I may or may not be giving away some copies of it soon! **wink wink**
Stay tuned for more information! :)

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