Saturday, March 15

we can do hard things.

photo taken when I was flying over Tennessee. :)
It's true. We can.

And even though I've heard it said a million and one times that Christ's strength is made perfect in my weakness ((2 Corinthians 12:9)), I've never understood it quite like I do now. And I imagine that as my life continues on, I will continue to understand it more and more.

But let me start by saying this:
We all have our own versions of "hard." One of my closest friends lost both of her parents to cancer in a matter of four months. Some friends of mine currently have three foster children in their home and are facing battles almost daily with parents, caseworkers, and judges. I'm currently living over a thousand miles away from my husband. Every situation is different, but one thing they have in common is that they are all hard. Hard to face, hard to think about, hard to get past, hard to prepare for. Just hard. I'm sure as you're reading this, you're reminded of that hard situation in your life right now. I would venture to say that everyone has something

Over the last few months, my eyes have been opened to just how weak I am on my own and just how strong I can be when I lean into God's strength. Yes, it's true that we can do hard things. But not alone. We need God's help. Desperately. So so desperately. And I've realized lately that I (and probably many other people) tend to default to one of two modes of operation that make those hard things even harder. Let's talk about them:

Mode of Operation #1: "I can't."
This is when I look at the battle ahead of me and become so terrified that I'm paralyzed. I choose to dig my heels in and stay put because I'd rather look at it than actually fight. I'd rather be stuck than try to win. I listen to the lie that says I can't. The lie that says I'm not capable. The lie that says I have no chance of winning this battle. So I give up.
I'm forgetting where my help comes from.

Mode of Operation #2: "I got this."
This is when I decide I've got everything under control. I start making my plans to do it all on my own. I don't need anyone. I don't need anything. Me, myself, and I are going to fight this battle head on, and we. will. win.
I'm forgetting where my help comes from.

Just typing those two M.O.'s makes me chuckle. I mean, really...let's get real. In #1, I'm just a big cry baby. And in #2, my ego has completely overtaken. Both are wrong. The bottom line is that God carries us. On the days when we can't take another step, he carries us. HE is our strength. On our own, we are nothing. But with God, we are strong. When God calls us to something that seems completely impossible, He pairs it with a promise to never leave you. A promise to equip you with every single thing you need. And a promise to see you through to the end. But it's up to YOU to grab hold of His hand and follow His lead.

We can do hard things. With God.

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