Monday, March 17

heart check // part one

I think we've all been there. In that place or that season of life when your priorities are all sorts of crazy, and you find yourself neglecting your devotional time more often than you care to admit. I've reached that point. That point where I literally cannot go on without setting myself straight. Without running back to the arms of Jesus and holding on for dear life.

Tonight I started the SheReadsTruth "This is the Bible" plan
Commercial break: If you haven't heard of or participated in SheReadsTruth, 
I HIGHLY recommend it. Back to your regular programming.
This plan really takes you back to the basics: what is the Bible? What (or better yet who) is it about? What does it mean? What does it mean for me? And in doing days 1 and 2 of the plan so far, I am seriously mind-blown. God has spoken so many things into my heart, I feel like it's about to explode. So I had to write.

The bottom line is this: The enemy wants to keep me OUT of the Bible. Did you hear that? The enemy wants to keep you OUT of the Bible. And he will do everything he possibly can to convince you just one more day that you don't have time, or you're too tired, or you'll get enough "Bible time" at church. 

Listen, friends. It's time to talk back. It's time to recognize the enemy's voice and mute it. Choose not to hear it. Speak truth in its place. And if that means you need to speak audibly, then do it.
I love what it said on SheReadsTruth: We can't live on yesterday's truth meal. We need to come to the table daily to receive our daily bread.

Like I said several months ago in this post, nothing can fill the God-shaped void in my soul but God. It's that simple.

So take a moment to do a heart check.

Am I making time in my daily life to seek God?
Am I recognizing the enemy's voice and talking back with truth?
Am I being intentional with my time and my priorities making my relationship with God #1?

p.s. more on this heart check series to come. :)

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