Tuesday, February 3

Nora Sue | Two Months

Look at my big girl! Can't believe she's two months already! (Since I'm late posting, she's getting close to three now!) Unfortunately, my phone has been out of order, so we didn't get to take photos just for her 2-month post, but I have lots of snapshots from around her two-month mark.

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This might be my favorite outfit yet. :)

The girl is seriously always smiling! I love it!
(That first picture up there was a rare moment of seriousness for her.)

Taking a little nap in her crib. She still sleeps in her bassinet in our room, but sometimes we test out the crib just for fun.

Just a few weeks after Nora was born, a woman at our church was holding her. After a few minutes, she told me, "I was praying over Nora just now, and God gave me a vision of her. She was like a little sparkler, and she dropped little embers everywhere she went." Little did that woman know, Nora's name means "light." God is SO COOL!

At her two-month check, she was 10lbs 14oz and 21 3/4" long. 
Still measuring in the 50th percentile for just about everything. 

She's a happy baby! Loves to be snuggled, loves looking at the toys on her swing, and loves to be talked to. She'll just smile and sometimes even talk back with her first word: "uh-guh."

I love my little sparkler!!

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