Sunday, January 17


Wow! I just got back from church and I HAD to share this awesome story with you all. 

So you know how my last post was talking about how I’ve really been trying to build relationships with more people? And God told me that I had to do the work? So I’ve really been praying about that and making an effort to talk to people, meet new people, and just be a friend to the people around me. Even though I get nervous sometimes, I just have to remember that God told me to do it, and if I look like an idiot…well…God told me to. :) 

Well today I went to church, and someone had asked Joshua to sit in a certain seat today that’s reserved for Leadership College students. So we were sitting on the second row like right behind the pastors and the people who usually go down to pray for other people. (I hope this isn’t confusing.) So the worship leader called for all of the people who were praying for healing to come down to the altar. So people began to go down to pray, and a lady in front of me turned around and asked me to go down and pray for people with her. So we went down and waited for someone to come to us for prayer. The first girl asked for us to pray for her mother who had just got a bad report from the doctor concerning a spot that was found somewhere in her body. The next person to come to us was a lady who had just found out yesterday that she had a miscarriage. She was so heartbroken, and it broke my heart to see her hurting and crying like that. The next lady that came told us that she has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, and she’s flying to Michigan tomorrow for a doctor’s appointment. When she said that, my eyes filled with tears, but she just smiled at me and continued to tell her story. This lady was so happy and so joyful. It was amazing to see such a physically sick woman be so spiritually filled with joy and peace.

This experience taught me so many things and opened my eyes to things I have never imagined before. I mean, first of all, God answered MY prayer. He gave me an opportunity to talk to people and minister to people. Secondly, He showed me how blessed I am. He opened up my eyes to the world around me. Being able to pray with these people directly and see their faces was so awesome. I connected with them. I prayed for them. I encouraged them. How awesome is that?! God chose ME for that job. God was showing me that I shouldn’t just talk to people. I should pray for people. And I truly believe that He had it all planned out. I mean, what if the only reason the lady asked Joshua to sit in that seat is so that I’d be exactly where I needed to be so the lady would turn around, ask me to join her in the altar, and I would be touched by the people who came down for prayer. God works in mysterious and miraculous ways. I know that was a God thing!

I just had to share that! I hope everyone has a blessed Sunday!

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