Friday, January 15

Take Initiative!

I‘ve had something on my heart for a few days now. It was really weird because our campus pastor actually talked about it in chapel today. I was slightly freaked out…then I realized it was a God thing.

So I’ve always been a tiny bit shy around people I don’t know. And to be completely transparent with you (whoever you are), I’m very easily intimidated. I don’t know that I’ve ever told anyone that. Ever. (And now I’m posting it on the World Wide Web?!…Oh well.) Anyway, when I’m around new people, I tend to be quiet and keep to myself. I really hate that about myself. I wish I could just talk to everyone and make conversation with random people, but it doesn’t come easily for me for whatever reason. Sooo…lately I’ve been praying that God would open doors for me to make new friends and build new relationships. I really want to open up my circle of friends and hang out with more people. People who will encourage me and lift me up. People who share the same beliefs and morals. People who I can relate to. People who I can have fun with! So you know, I’m praying, praying, and praying. And finally God tells me, “Lindsay…YOU have to take initiative. You can’t be lazy and quiet and expect everyone to come to you.”………Yeah. It was one of those “I knew He was gonna say that” moments. I mean DUH! 

THEN, today in chapel, our campus pastor was talking about leadership and relationships. He was talking about making new friends and building relationships for the simple reason that people are valuable. He made this comment that really stuck with me: “Leaders take initiative and connect with people.” That really encouraged me to step out and build relationships. I mean, I’m always worried about asking new people to lunch or hanging out with new people because I really try to avoid those awful, awkward moments at all cost. I’m worried that I won’t know what to say or that we won’t “click.” But now I’m in this state of mind where I want to talk to everyone. I want to get to know people. I want to ask questions. I’m not saying I’m not shy anymore, because that’s not true. There’s still part of me that would rather take the easy route and not say anything. But God has shown me that in order to build relationships, I have to take responsibility. I have to take initiative.

I’m adding this in a few hours after I really posted this. But I just finished reading my Bible. I’m reading the Bible in a year and today’s reading included Romans 12. What awesome scripture to go along with what God has spoken to me! He continues to show me in more and more ways! So awesome! Check out Romans 12!

It’s so encouraging to know that God can help me figure out even the smallest situations in my life. I asked him a tiny, simple question, and He gave me this huge answer that has helped me to grow and become a better leader and a better friend. 

I know this is probably a super random blog topic, but it was on my heart so I wanted to share! Have a great weekend and enjoy the holiday! (Thank you Martin Luther King!)

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