Friday, January 13

File Folder Makeover

Joshua and I are watching Extreme Home Makeover tonight (which has brought far too many tears to my eyes!), so I figured I’d stick with the theme and perform a makeover of my own.

For one of my classes, my professor uses file folders to return our graded work to us. So she passed them out to us on Wednesday and told us we could decorate them if we want. If I want??? Of course I want! I didn’t get too crazy or complex with it because I’m not sure what kind of wear and tear it’ll go through, but it sure beats a plain ol’ file folder!

I turned this…

Into this!

Cute, right? And of course, it’s covered in birds. I was going to put the name of the class on it, but then I remembered the class is called “Elementary Curriculum and Instruction,” so I decided to save my letters. :)

I know this is totally random, but I love it so I wanted to share! Happy Weekend!!!

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