Wednesday, January 18

Friends and Cookies: what more do you need?

I’m currently sitting in the Kendrick Library at Evangel University. I should be studying, but instead I’m blogging about some super delicious cookies. Priorities, people. Priorities.

Last night I had some of my favorite Springfield friends over, and we made Lemon Crinkle Cookies! I don’t know about you, but I love lemon flavored sweets. My father-in-law makes some bomb-diggity (yes, I just digressed to some good ol’ 90’s lingo) lemon pound cake. People usually love lemon or hate it. Bless my sweet husband’s heart…he came home from class last night and tried one of the cookies (he’s not a huge fan of lemon) and said, “Wow. This is really moist. Does it come in other flavors?” Hahaha! He’s so funny.

Anyway, when I found this recipe (from Tasty Kitchen) and saw how simple it was, I was beyond excited. It’s even easier if you have two friends to help you! Kudos to my friend Vanessa for putting her precious fingers on the line and dangerously zesting the lemon with a not-zester. Apparently I don’t own a zester. Oops!

I intended on taking more pictures specifically for my blog, but I forgot. Next time…
So here’s the finished product.

You can always tell which ones were rolled in powdered sugar by Audrey and I. Vanessa (and her healthy self) was not being very generous with the sugar, hence the plain, less white and sugary cookies. We still love her though. :)

And here are my crazy friends!

I love spending quality time with friends. It’s so refreshing! Talking about awkward moments in life and dumb decisions we’ve made, laughing at each other for the dumb decisions we made…you know…normal stuff. I even got to learn Audrey’s new favorite “language” which contains my least favorite words like “totes” (totally) and “supes” (super) and “a-may-may” (amazing). She is (in her words) cray-cray (crazy). Did you catch all of that? Yeah, neither did I. 

Aaaaaaaaanyway! I better really study before I have to head off to my last class of the day! Happy Wednesday to you all! And here’s the recipe for the Lemon Crinkle Cookies!

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