Tuesday, August 7

Praying for My Husband's Wife


That’s what I said last night as I jumped and landed on our brand new, pillow top, amazingly soft blessing of a mattress. After several weeks of sleepless nights, annoying back pain, and a grumpy attitude due to my lack of sleep, I was just sure that I would fall asleep the instant my body hit the mattress. But just like every other time I think something will go my way, I was wrong. Instead, I was wide awake. Comfortable…but wide awake. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday. I’ve learned that when I’m extremely tired and still wide awake when I get in bed, it’s usually because the Lord has something to say to me. So I began praying and asking God to show me what he wanted to show me (and I may have asked him to do it quickly…oops). Then, I began praying for my husband. I thought, “Oh, I bet God wanted me to pray for Joshua. We just got back from vacation, he’s going back to work tomorrow, he has a lot to do, he’s tired…yep, that’s it. He needs my prayers.” Once again, wrong-o! 

As I was praying for my husband, the Lord began showing me that I need to pray for my husband’s wife. (By the way…that’s me.) It was as if he was literally showing me a checklist of things I needed to be for my husband. As not to forget them overnight, I grabbed my phone and started typing out the list in a note. Here is the list God gave to me:

  • encourager

  • uplifter

  • joy giver

  • life giver

  • dream fulfiller

  • prayer warrior

  • challenger

  • care giver

Obviously many other titles could be added to this list, but these were the things God showed me. I imagine each of these being a hat that we as wives must wear. Just like different occasions and events call for different outfits and accessories, different situations and circumstances in life call for us to wear different “hats.” And let’s face it, ladies…more times than not, we wear multiple hats at the same time. My challenge to you is to be aware of the hats in your closet and wear them. And if you don’t have one of these hats that God has called us to wear, you better go out and buy it because I promise you, you’re gonna need it! Marriage is a two way street, and our husbands need us (whether they want to admit it or not). I think it is so important for us to pay attention to where our husbands are at in life and what they’re facing or dealing with, and to be the support they need whether that be through encouragement, prayer, a laugh, a hot meal, whatever it is! It is our responsibility as wives to know our husbands and to love them in the way they need to be loved.

Our husbands need our prayers and appreciate our prayers, and it is crucial that husband and wife pray for one another daily. But don’t forget to pray for your husband’s wife too! She needs prayers just as much, if not more!

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